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Justice for the Black Knight by Jerri Blair

Justice for the Black Knight by Jerri Blair“Justice for the Black Knight” won the 2015 Beverley Hills Book Award for Best Legal Thriller.

It was awarded the prestigious star by Kirkus Reviews which called it “…superbly crafted…intricately detailed…a must-read story of relationships, prejudice and bravery, a vivid paeon for justice.”

Red City Review wrote that Justice for the Black Knight “…quite astutely tackles the topic of racism, combining the best attributes of legal thrillers like ‘The Firm’ with the exploratory and contemplative tone of subtle but powerful works of literature like Ralph Ellison’s ‘Invisible Man.”

Clarion Reviews called it “…a twentieth-century law and order fable…that has the feel of a true-crime mystery, coming of age novel, and high stakes courtroom drama rolled into one…” This historic saga tells the tale of evolving racial justice in the American judicial system.

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This award-winning legal thriller tells the story of Freddie Edwards, a black man on trial for the brutal murder of an elderly white man. Was Freddie a monster or a hero when he took the old man’s life? How did he come to be at the place that so dramatically changed his life? This book examines the moment of the crime from every perspective and leaves it to the reader to decide what Freddie’s fate should be.

Beautiful relationships wrapped in a dark mystery from the distant past impact this trial for his life. His sister Ruby and old friend Annabelle became friends during the shadow of the Great Depression, crossing the boundaries that separated them by race.


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