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The Truth about Eckankar by Joe Sykes

The Truth about Eckankar by Joe SykesInvestigation into the dark practices of the Eckankar cult.

About the author, Joe Sykes:
Joe Sykes is a Christian who was formerly a member of the Eckankar religious cult now headquarted in Minneapolis. Joe experienced a bruising exit from the cult when its leadership attempted to use thought control techniques to take control of his mind, and turn him into a compliant slave. Looking back on that time, Joe probes new truths out of the secret depths of the Eckankar psyche and charts its history of plagiarism, mass deception, quasi-Christian makeover to boost sales, and its continuing persecution of anyone it considers non-compliant.

Future books coming out about Eckankar include Survivors of the Eckankar cult and the True History of Paul Twitchell.


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