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Joe Sykes is a writer and film producer. Joe writes crime thrillers, horror, and contemporary and period drama.

7 Day Love Affairs by Joe Sykes

Joe Sykes free kindle bookChase Chevas only has love affairs for 7 days. The following morning, it’s over. Until he meets a crazy heiress who plans to make him her husband. Can he escape her, and will he find true love?





About the author, Joe Sykes:

Joe SykesJoe is the successful author of compelling crime thrillers including his sensational latest, The Killings (Book 1 in the DI Hawke crime thriller series) and the mystery thriller Profiler.

His horror fiction includes The Return of the Master, Sataniel Book 1, and period drama including ‘Inheritance’, the story of a young Moroccan boy who fights the London establishment in 1860s for his land and title. Joe’s next publication is the erotic horror thriller, Invitation.

How do you get inspired to write?
I’ve been writing from the age of 7. My first thriller episode was read out in school, to complete class interest. I have never stopped reading and writing
What are you currently working on?
Final edit to an erotic occult thriller


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