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This historical fiction by Jo Ann Power has ten reviews on Amazon with an average rating of five stars.

Jo Ann PowerFor Gwen Spencer, fighting battles is nothing new. An orphan sent to live with a vengeful aunt, Gwen picked coal and scrubbed floors to earn her keep. But when she decides to become a nurse, she steps outside the boundaries of her aunt’s demands…and into a world of her own making.

But that world has gone to war.

Volunteering for the Army Nurse Corps, Gwen promises to serve until the end of the conflict, no matter how long that is. She leaves her small hometown with her friends and sails away in the dead of night, chased by German U-boats. Ashore, she discovers her new world is dangerous and demanding, helping doctors heal thousands of sick and injured Doughboys in primitive conditions.

She’s determined to overcome the heartbreaks and the challenges. Becoming an expert at anesthesia, she volunteers to go to the front lines with an acute care team. Braving bombings and the madness of men crazed by pain and despair, she surprises herself when she falls in love with a man she admires—and should not want.

Amid the chaos, she learns the measure of her own bravery to bear any burden, pay any price and claim the one man she adores as she becomes all that she desires.

About the author, Jo Ann Power:

author, Jo Ann PowerWith awards on my walls for novels and non-fiction I’ve written, the best rewards for my life-long career as a writer continue to be the lovely notes I receive from happy readers. Gleeful to get each one, I challenge myself constantly to write books that thrill my heart.

Now as we commemorate the Centennial of WWI, I debut my newest novel, HEROIC MEASURES. In 1917, more than 10,000 American women volunteered to join the Army Nurse Corps to travel thousands of miles to a country they did they know to heal thousands of wounded Doughboys. HEROIC MEASURES is the story of one group of nurses, their valor, their dedication and their sacrifices.
Please read my blog about these valiant women, the physical and emotional challenges they endured and the thousands of lives they saved amid the most frightening conditions.

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