JJ Has Always Played it Safe

JJ JonesShe never expected a single trip to change her life forever…
Jennifer “JJ” Jones has always played it safe. When she loses her boring wine researcher job for dating a co-worker, she makes two solemn vows: take more risks and stop mixing business and pleasure.

Creating a bucket list, she follows her lifelong dream of making wine and signs a three-month contract in Napa Valley as an assistant winemaker for the world-renowned MacAllester wine family. After spending her first day in the vineyards with her new boss’ intriguing son William, JJ wonders if she can resist his sensual pull and more importantly why would she even want to?

As the sun-drenched days and heated nights stretch out before them, JJ and William’s romance ripens along with the grapes. But there are storm clouds on the horizon. JJ fears her feelings not only endanger her heart and her job, but William’s vineyards as well, putting the first harvest of his new vineyard at risk. Can JJ create a new wine, a new life, and a new love for herself without losing it all?

Napa: A Vacation Novella is the first installment in Dawn DeSousa’s Destination Love Stories series, a collection of novellas that encourage women to create a bucket list and follow their dreams wherever they may lead. If you like scenic settings, charming characters, and sensual romance, then you’ll love the wine and the chemistry of DeSousa’s novella.

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About the author of JJ’s adventure in Napa: A Vacation Novella: Dawn Desousa:

JJ Jones by Dawn DeSousaI created Destination Love Stories™ because I believe that encouraging women to create a bucket list and follow their dreams wherever they may lead can literally transform their world. Why? Because that’s what happened to me. Creating a bucket list and following my dreams took me out of my comfort zone and opened my heart, mind, and soul to create new possibilities for myself. And with new possibilities came romance, and with romance, came, love. The least I can do is pay the favor forward.

My fun and flirty novels are set in destinations I’ve visited. And while the characters are fictional-or at least their names have been changed to protect the innocent-many of the places they visit in each locale actually do exist.
Why write romance? I’ve always been interested in people’s stories getting a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary, Graduate School of Psychology.

I spent ten years as a Marriage and Family therapist counseling individuals and couples before deciding to become an author-entrepreneur in September 2012. I decided to turn my love of romance stories and self-discovery into my business and am enjoying the journey of creating stories that inspire and entertain! I live in Northern California with my husband and a very high maintenance cat named Tinkerbell.

Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DawnDeSousa


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