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This memoir by Jason Laureno has fifty-four reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Bored on the Wild Side: Memories, Observations, and Misadventures by Jason Laureno 

jason laurenoForty five years of stumbling, bumbling, and striving to make the American dream a reality. Beginning in the mid-1970s and hitting the brakes days before the 2020 elections, this compelling memoir shows us where we’ve been and where we might be headed via one man’s memories and experiences.

While it may read like a novel, every word is true: good, bad, and ugly.

Talk is cheap and some actions have expensive consequences. What’s worse? Regretting some of the things you’ve done, or wondering what might have been? Do you have the guts to chase your crazy dreams and live up to your highest ideals, or are your convictions as shallow as the ink on your T-shirt?

Filled with interesting characters, uncommon adventures, and gallows humor throughout, this is the tale of an individual who played it to the hilt until he was bored. Bored on the wild side.

About the author, Jason Laureno:

Jason LaurenoI’m not cut out to punch the same time clock day in and day out. I’ve often marveled at those who could, but I’ve never wished to join their ranks. I’ve thrown a lot of shit at the walls in my efforts to make an unconventional success of myself through the years. Nothing has stuck so far, but I’ve indulged in plenty of fun, love, and laughter along the way. My purported wantonness may very well assure I’ll die eating Alpo in some dark hovel at the end of the road, but barring Alzheimer’s I’ll have plenty of memories to keep me warm. I’ll take that over every property on the Monopoly board.

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