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The Guns Of Salmon Flats (Bonnett Series Book 3) by James McKinney

James MckinneyThe Slash W Ranch owned by Dan Whitley lay between the big ranches of Tom Synder and Jason King who were determined to have it. All their efforts to buy him out proved futile.
It was Johnny Synder, Tom’s youngest son, who decided if it couldn’t be bought with money, he would take it with guns. He led the group of five men on the night they brutally murdered the Whitley family and opened up the ranch for his greedy father.

The foul and wicked deed was laid to others, and the murderers rode the range free. No one in Salmon flats knew that Dan Whitley’s wife was the Bonnetts’ kinfolks. They came from the mountains of Tennessee and Carolina, and to them, family ties were sacred.

A mysterious youngster sent a wire from the town to Two Bluffs, Colorado. Two Bluffs was the last given address of Billy Bailey, whose mother was also a Bonnett. The range had been running green for the killers until one day strangers began showing up in town. Strangers with low, tied down guns, and a family account to settle. Only three came; but if more were needed there was at least a hundred scattered between the Mississippi and California. Before their business was finished the range would be stained crimson, and the death of the Whitleys avenged.

About the author, James McKinney:

James MckinneyJames McKinney resides in Hickory, North Carolina and has been writing since 2000. He was reared in Yancey and Mitchell counties in western North Carolina in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After graduating from high school (Cane River High School) in 1966 he served four years in the US Navy and is a Vietnam veteran. He has spent forty-one years as an active minister and is presently serving as a church pastor. Besides writing Bible books, he has expanded his writings to fiction, including many westerns. All his books are for a family readership. He has twelve westerns in a series (Bonnett Series) and is presently working on number thirteen.

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