Ithandryll (Song of the Sidhe Book 1) by Nikki Auberkett

Ithandryll (Song of the Sidhe Book 1) by Nikki Auberkett

“You okay?” He managed to say between deep breaths, finally looking her over.
Roxi nodded. “Yeah.”
“Did he…?”
She shook her head. “No.”

The guy, whoever he was, let out what sounded like a sigh of relief and nodded. “Good.”
She slowly found the strength to stand, her legs wobbly from the pain and rush of adrenaline now easing back from the ordeal. The man reached for her but hesitated, keeping a distance between them that she almost, almost wished he’d close. Something inside her noted that she wouldn’t necessarily mind if he captured her, and Lord knows he had ample opportunity to do it.

He seemed to wager a small battle in his mind before he stepped closer and offered her his hand. “Here.” His fingers were warm and gentle as they wrapped around hers, and he let her lean on him as he helped her out of the thorny bramble. “Careful.”

That word was more of a murmur in her ear, and for a hot second, Roxi completely forgot why she was running. With her hand in his, and his other very gently pressed to the small of her back and guiding her to safer ground, she almost wanted to ask him to go ahead and claim her. Capture her. Whatever it was he was supposed to do to make her his.
“There are still several more, not too far behind us,” he sighed. “At least five last I counted heading this way, but I can’t be sure about the others.”

“Oh.” She needed to remember that he was the one they said didn’t want to be there. He was the one constantly avoiding participation. It made sense that he didn’t want to capture or claim her. “Thank you.”

He nodded. “Run straight from here, follow the deer path to the main road. You’re not far from civilization, even if it feels like it.” He cast a dirty glare at the unconscious—dead?—body still slumped in the thicket. “Don’t stop for anyone or anything.”

“What about you?” She wanted to ask if he would get in trouble, if she would need to provide a witness statement, if he happened to be in want of a wife—

He chuckled. It was dark and wry, but still made his handsome face break into a sardonic grin. “I’m actually enjoying raising a little hell. Trust me, I’ll be fine.” He pulled her closer, just barely, but she felt it all the same. His eyes met hers and she wanted to gasp; they were so beautiful. She couldn’t even make out the color; it was as if all the colors possible simply swirled together in his irises. He held her gaze for a moment, seemingly battling over another decision, then sighed. “You need to run.”

She was about to protest when they both heard voices approaching. He gave her a gentle but firm shove towards the path she now spotted between the trees, and despite every fiber in her being screaming at her to go back, she started running again. She heard one of the men greet him, not unfriendly, and words about no one being around and some guy named Nick getting what he deserved. Chuckles, more words, and their voices faded as she continued to run.

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