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InvitationDare you accept the Invitation?

An erotic horror classic.

Be sure to download Invitation while it’s free today on Amazon.

Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?

The idea for ‘The Killings’ came to me about five years ago. It was about a series of sudden killings of high level people, mixed in with police jurisdictional issues. This was before cop jurisdiction conflicts became a more common source of dramatic story conflict. I wrote it as a screenplay, then as a TV series, and finally it found its right form in a fast-paced novel. Going against the current trend of thriller heroes, I wanted the hero to be a thoughtful, uncertain character. I gradually discovered his personal conflicts were thematically related to the main plot conflicts.

About the author of Invitation, Joe Sykes:
Joe Sykes is the successful author of compelling crime thrillers including his sensational The Killings, the first novel in the DI Hawke crime thriller series.

Recent titles include the romantic comedy thriller 7 Day Love Affairs, and Profiler, a complex crime suspense drama.
Joe Sykes’ horror fiction includes the recently published erotic horror novel, Invitation.
The Return of the Master is an epic fantasy and the first in the series about a fallen archangel taking over the Earth.
The period screenplay ‘The Inheritance‘ is the controversial story of a young Moroccan boy who fights the London establishment in 1860s for his land and title.

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