If Cotton Could Talk by Alvin M. Hayes

If Cotton Could Talk: A Blackwashed 19th Century Pre-Civil War Fictional Story That Depicts The People, Tone And Events Of The Era. (The whileBlack Chronicles’ Book 1) by Alvin M. Hayes

Chapter Three

The three newly purchased slaves were silent on the ride back to the Brookes Plantation, their new home. Shackled to the floor in the back of a wagon. Sold with only the clothes on their back and fading memories of loved ones and friends they will never see again. Each was lost in sorrow, heartache, and despair, not knowing what to expect from either Mr. Jasper or their new owner, Massa Brookes.

After a long moment of silence and reflection, Dan, one of the slaves, spoke softly so neither Jordon nor Jasper could listen in on their conversation. “Bertha, you know me and Joseph. Your daddy made us promise that if anything happen to them, we do our best to help you and keep you safe. George and Fannie be good peoples. Me and Joseph you family now,” Dan whispered.

Joseph nodded his head in agreement. He was a man of few words. He was also physically intimidating, and few were willing to test their mettle with him. Even John kept his distance. Joseph was a hard worker and just wanted to be left alone, and John was happy to accommodate him.
Bertha raised her head and looked at each man. Somehow, she managed to smile despite her tears as she found comfort in the knowledge that she was not alone.

Dan was surprised when Joseph who had been mute all through the journey started speaking.
“Bertha, anyone or anything troubles you, lets me know,” Joseph said, blunt and to the point.
Bertha smiled as she remembered her mother’s advice to find a decent man to protect her. She now had two men on her side, thanking both not with words but with hugs, replacing one family with another.

“We most there!” Jasper shouted, breaking the silence as the newest slaves to the Brookes Plantation processed their future and fears in their own way.

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