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How to be happyAre you ready to take responsibility, dive into self-discovery, and turn your life into a powerhouse?
Professionally certified coach Santa Ogrina knows what the happy life means. In her book, How To Be Happy, Santa lays out the essential seven principles for a happy and meaningful life.

This book shares personal experiences, life stories, as well as wisdom and coaching questions to provide you with answers for building your own life.

The purposeful approach in these pages will allow you to discover:
•how to find your fulfillment and define your life
•how to feel guidelines and support from the Universe
•how to love yourself and believe in yourself for true satisfaction
•how to use the power of inspiring dreams
•how to set goals effectively for your success
•how to evaluate the meaning of a loving relationship

In this powerful and practical guide, Santa provides the reader with knowledge and tools to help you to define and create your own happiness. You’ll master the life you desire by bringing more positivity and light into the world.

From the author:
By working as a life coach, I have noticed that many people share one disadvantage in common: the shortage of time. So many people run around with their busy schedules like a hamster in a wheel. They get up early, spend hours in traffic, work at least 8 hours to earn paycheck (perhaps more hours to stand out among the fierce competition) from a job which is sometimes hated. Becoming exhausted from the work week, they try to regain their strength over the weekend by watching meaningless TV shows or spending hours of time on social media platforms. Most people are typically running after money and material things, promotion, status and social recognition–but for what purpose? Take a moment. What is your answer here?

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