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hide in timeIn Regency England, Laura misjudges the man she loves and leaves him to go to America. On board ship she learns the truth about him – too late. She is shipwrecked and washed ashore in 2009 where she is assisted in adjusting to modern day life by a psychologist. She meets Xandra who desperately needs a place to hide and Laura knows just the right place.

Laura sees a way to restore happiness to the man she still loves and cannot forget. She risks her life and chance of fulfillment to return to Regency times. Fortunately someone very special understands.


About Hide in Time author Anna Faversham:

Hide in Time author Anna FavershamWriting for others began when I approached my scary teacher and asked if I could start a class magazine. To my amazement, it got off the ground.

Then life happened, you know how it does: a proper job, marriage, children, housework and so on. But a love of writing finally erupted into regular scribbles when I was living in central Africa many miles from anything purporting to be a book shop. I’d run out of bedtime stories for the children, so I started tapping away.

Back in England, I’ve written and read for the BBC and published short stories.

I’d heard you should write about what you know so both my books are set in my home county of Kent. The time travel element in Hide in Time is pure imagination but much of the historical sections are based on fact. And it was all written in secret; I’ve no idea what my husband thought I was doing every evening on my pc.

My second book, One Dark Night, came about because in my husband’s distant ancestry there was a smuggler and I grew up near smugglers’ caves which fascinated me. There’s a sequel in progress.

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Visit her website: http://www.annafaversham.com/


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