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This paranormal romance has 83 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.4 stars. Download book one of the Haven series while it’s free now.

The Sixth Discipline (Haven Series Book 1) by Carmen Webster Buxton

Haven Series Book 1Ran-Del Jahanpur is a warrior of the Sansoussy Forest, trained in both the mental and physical Disciplines of his people. He thinks he’s prepared for any danger the forest might hold, but his skills prove useless when he’s caught in a hi-tech trap. Soon Ran-Del finds himself in a city so alien it might as well be another world—machines speak, vehicles fly, and his captors’ weapons can inflict pain without touching him.

Every time Ran-Del tries to escape, he’s foiled by a technology he doesn’t understand. As terrifying as the city is, his kidnapper, the enigmatic Baron Hayden, exudes a jovial affability that worries the Sansoussy even more.

What can such a powerful man want with a Sansoussy warrior, who can neither read nor write and knows nothing of city ways? The Baron’s daughter Francesca clearly knows more than she’s saying, but Ran-Del’s psy sense tells him only she’s being truthful, not what she’s thinking. And it’s only after it seems that Ran-Del has escaped the city and its dangers, that he finds out how thoroughly he has been caught.

About the author of the Haven Series, Carmen Webster Buxton:

haven series author Carmen Webster Buxton spent her youth reading every book published by Ursula LeGuin, Robert Heinlein and Georgette Heyer. This combination of far-future worlds, alien cultures, and old-fashioned courting customs influenced her writing, especially in her ThreeCon series.

Carmen was born in Honolulu and experienced a childhood on the move, as her father was in the US Navy. Having raised two wonderful children, she now lives in Maryland with her husband Charlie, and a beagle named Cosmo. She writes science fiction and romance, mostly set in the far future, and the occasional fantasy.

She has published several books, including THE SIXTH DISCIPLINE and its sequel NO SAFE HAVEN. TRIBES, SHADES OF EMPIRE, and THE NOSTALGIA GAMBIT are in her ThreeCon series; these books are set in a shared universe but do not share any characters. WHERE MAGIC RULES (a novella) is her only published fantasy. KING OF TREES crosses genres, as it is a time travel/alternate history/science fiction novel with fantasy overtones. SARONNA’S GIFT is her first book to be available as a paperback as well as an ebook, and the first overt romance. TURNABOUT is young adult dystopian science fiction that starts in the real world.

Carmen often blogs about ereaders, digital publishing, writing, and speculative fiction. Visit her blog to see what’s coming out next! To send her feedback on her books, send email to carmen.webster.buxton (at) gmail.com.

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