Green Smoothie for Better Health

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GREEN SMOOTHIE FOR BETTER HEALTH: Drinks for Vitality and Weight Loss by Gary Austin

green smoothieNowadays more and more people are drinking green smoothies as they are becoming popular and more recognized as a health drinks.

So, what is a green smoothie ?
What are the benefits of drinking green smoothie ?

This book will give you an insight of green smoothie and its benefits, the recipes and procedure that cater to every individual needs from beginners tasting the smoothies for the first time to people wanting to lose weight and stay slim.

You will find recipes in this book that are arranged in various categories for your easy reference saving you the time searching for it. Each smoothie category consists of ten recipes as follows :

* Smoothies for Beginners
* Smoothies for Kids
* Smoothies for Boosting Energy
* Smoothies for Detox and Cleansing
* Smoothies for Radiant Skin
* Smoothies for Weight Loss

With so many recipes to choose from, everyone should be able to have their favorite green smoothie made conveniently to enjoy.


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