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Book 1 of this gothic suspense trilogy has 14 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Owl Manor – the Dawning (A Gothic Suspense Trilogy Book 1) by Zita Harrison

gothic suspense author Zita Harrison “I could feel the moisture on my arms, hear the rustling of leaves and twigs, the hooting of owls. He turned to face me and stood still, waiting in the gloom…”

Sometimes the tide sweeps us into a fog where dark forces are at work…

All of a sudden evil and good become blurred…

Powerless and defenseless, we swim toward it, and wonder if we’re going mad.

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Stifled by the repression of women in the 1800s, trapped in a loveless marriage, Eva lives a life of dissatisfaction and frustration. The tide sweeps her to the Rocky Mountains during the gold rush in 1859, where she finds unexpected hope at Owl Manor, a strange, dark place with owls in the very fabric of its walls.

But the stakes are perilous. Shadows wander the dim corridors. The owner of the manor is moody, volatile. And spellbinding.

Owl Manor – the Dawning, the first standalone book in a trilogy of Gothic Suspense novels, is inspired by authors such as Daphne du Maurier (Jamaica Inn, Rebecca), Carlos Ruiz Zafon (Marina, Shadow of the Wind), Kate Morton (The Forgotten Garden).

Filled with Poe-esque atmosphere, dark desires and supernatural elements, this book is a must read for fans of Gothic Suspense.

About the Author of this gothic suspense, Zita Harrison:

gothic suspense author Zita HarrisonI have found nothing out there that compares to the thrill of creating and experiencing Art. Art in every form: writing, painting, music, theater; all in the end expressions of life. The joys, the agonies, the frustrations. However abstract, transcendental, bizarre, Art draws from life; a vision, a thought, an epiphany sparked by what is going on around us. It challenges boundaries, explores new ideas and new ways to communicate them, and, finally, has the power to reach and connect with people of all different cultures and beliefs. All my life I have been passionate about both Writing and Art and am now happily writing, and creating Art in the form of both Graphic Design as well as personal Art.

My first novel, “Ink – Beneath the Stain”, came out in July 2016, for which I designed my own cover.

My second novel, “Owl Manor – the Dawning”, a Gothic romantic suspense, for which I also designed my own cover, is now on Amazon!!

As a child, I avidly read ghost stories. In high school, I fell in love with “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte, and “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte, a love that continued into adulthood. My writing is inspired by Pablo Picasso’s words: “A work of art must make a man react, feel strongly … He must be seized by the throat and shaken up … he has to be made aware of the world he’s living in and for that he must first be jolted out of it.”

I am an ecstatic resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. My books, cover artwork and blogs can be found at or on Facebook at:

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