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c. edwin gillFrom Resume To Work (FRTW) contains a wealth of input from employment specialists who want you to get it right and understand how best to connect with them.  It shares five reasons why your resume is rejected by the employer.

Then it covers four areas that will help you answer the primary question on the employer’s mind: “What are you doing now?”  From there this book will walk you through the three steps of the #1 key to connecting with the employer.

FRTW offers resources on how to develop your resume, how to apply to 100 top companies offering jobs, to how to find jobs in hidden job markets, and so much more.  You also receive check lists to help you use this book with great success.

Author Gill has reviewed over 7,000 resumes and interviewed over 500 applicants both individually and as part of a hiring committee.  His passion for writing books is a direct result from having two teenagers entering the workforce and needing to understand the principles that he’s sharing with you.  “I hope that you enjoy my books and gain insights from them.”

New Updates for 2016
Throughout the book Gill has added links to give you access to some of the tools he suggests. In addition, a Resources section has been added at the end of the book just in case there is another area where you may need assistance.

You have your resume in hand and you’re looking for a job, so what do you do? Send it out to potential employers, right? True, but before you do you may want to know that this book, From Resume to Work, has some extremely important experiences to share with you to help your resume put you to work faster than it has ever done before.



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