Gibbo Gibbs Free Dystopian Science Fiction

This science fiction story by Gibbo Gibbs has five reviews on Amazon with an average rating of five stars.

Killer Domes and the Chosen One by Gibbo Gibbs

Gibbo Gibbs Free Dystopian Science FictionAs the old world burned, the elite departed to colonise space in search of a new home. Most of the human species perished on earth’s surface, but a protected few remained. Many generations passed without question, but now suspicions are starting to rise.

Follow the story of Maz and her best friend Hap, as a chance encounter with a stranger lures them into a mission to decide the future of humankind.


Review excerpts for Killer Domes and the Chosen One by Gibbo Gibbs:

Gibbo Gibbs Free Dystopian Science FictionGripping and witty
This sci fi story is a fast paced, and exciting read. It takes the serious and dramatic and bumps it against the cute and witty to refresh old tropes. The action is engaging, and the pacing is quick but we’ll plotted.

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