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game on boysGame on Boys is a hilarious adventure story for boys and girls that will get you laughing hysterically until your guts explode. Just make sure your Mom doesn’t have to clean it up and keep the dog away.

Rino James is addicted to Minecraft, PlayStation and anything that resembles a computer game. He goes to a cool school, has a cool teacher and a very uncool sister ‘Loom Band Lisa’ who does everything in her pink power to ruin his fun.

Anyone who loves computer games and loves ‘Wimpy kid’ books will enjoy this hilarious, action filled adventure.

When Ryan’s teacher, with the unfortunate name (Mr Higginbottom) introduces a Play Station competition at school, everyone in the fifth grade goes into a crazy frenzy as they battle their way to win the prize. With Ryan’s cool gaming record he’s a sure fire thing to win until something disastrously ugly happens to cause his plans of victory to come tumbling to the ground faster than super sonic radar doing a bungee jump with a triple somersault back flip on the way. SPLAT !!%**$

Will it all end badly, and will Ryan’s reputation change from being the coolest gamer to the biggest loser wearing splatted egg on his face, or can super dooper good things come out of really horrid bad things?
With heaps of school yard humor and funny illustrations, this book is sure to get you away from your consoles for awhile.

About Game On Boys! author: Kate Cullen

Kate Cullen

Kate Cullen lives on the glorious Sunshine Coast in Australia by a beautiful beach. She lives with her PlayStation addicted son, her Mine craft addicted daughter, her football addicted husband and a white fluffy thing called Lucy who is the subject of some of her books.

Kate has a background in teaching and nursing but her biggest passions are writing and acting.

As crazy as it sounds, Kate was inspired by her children’s love of computer gaming to write humorous books for middle grade kids in an effort to gently lure them away from their consoles, and sway them toward light, humorous, and sometimes wacky books that incorporate just enough elements of the gaming craze to keep them interested.

Judging by some of her reviews below, her goal has been achieved because more and more children who also love gaming are fostering a new found love of reading as well. Look out for Game on Boys 2 very soon!

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