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Download Kindle by Fuin K while it’s on sale.

Kindle by Fuin K

Kindle by Fuin KHow does a young woman and daughter rise from grass to grace. An orphan is picked up by a wealthy lady only to discover with time that happiness is not far fetched. Read more from this traditional African novel by Fuin K.

Excerpt from Kindle on Amazon:
“Kindle was now seven years old since she was taken up by Miss Tina. She was 3 feet 6 inches in height with round blue eyes. Such seductive eyes that her friend gave her the name bonbon eye in the real sense. She was very skinny like one who eats a single meal a day and like one always in deep thought. She always smiled no matter what transpired.

Download Kindle by Fuin K while it’s on sale.

On the day Miss Tina found her she was wearing flipflops, al large pullover for her size with a large hole in the left armpit. She had cream white shorts and a blue-black blouse. She was playing with friends when Tina drove by her and met her. Tina said, “Hey little girl, how are you?” She replied politely, “I am a beautiful mom.” For she had been taught politeness several times. She was not like the rest of the other children that will walk away. She had come forward and even extended her arm for greeting. 

“What is your name?” The lady with the blue Jeep asked.
Which she replied, “My name is Kindle Joy.”
She smiled and said, “My name is Tina Doyle and I live a kilometer from here.”
“Where are your parents,” she asked which Tina said she had no parents.

She had been on the street for years, hawking and selling oranges. Tina was driving when she met her with oranges on her head and wanted to get some.”

Download Kindle by Fuin K while it’s on sale.

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