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Decision Point by K.R. Montague

free Kindle book todayDecision Point is both the most polarizing show on television, and a national obsession. Love it or loathe it, most everyone tunes in for the mindless, gory fun. Contestants, who have all suffered recent losses, vie for the chance to travel in the show’s exclusive Portal to an alternate universe where their tragedies have not occurred. Once there, each must earn their bloody second chances by eliminating their alternate selves and taking over their lives–on camera.

Free Kindle Book Today.

Amber Armstrong is both the co-founder and public face of IRIS, a human rights organization solely focused on taking down the show. A self-professed zealot, Amber is fiercely sure of her path, until she loses everything in a terrible accident. Shattered and grieving, Decision Point invites her to compete on the show for the chance to win her family back. 

Their almost indescribably appealing offer, whether olive branch, publicity stunt, or something far more sinister, sets her up for a very public moral dilemma that proves popular with the 18 – 35 demographic. In a world where nothing is shocking, where heinous crimes are accepted as popcorn television, Amber must decide just how far she’s willing to go in pursuit of her Happily Ever After.

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