Free Fiction eBook Sept. 11-12

Honey, I’m taking out the dog for a stroll by Pier Giorgio Graziano

free fiction ebookMarco’s beloved wife, Alice, has been kidnapped together with their dog Gamma. Returning home Marco finds only a message inviting him to follow the kidnappers. But what are they expecting from him, and why are they continuously changing the proposed meeting point, eluding him?

Marco starts an incredible thrilling pursuit, bringing him first to the hills behind Genoa, and then to Brazil. After running from the colorful street market of Republic Square in São Paulo, to the Sugarloaf ropeway in Rio, he understands that this entire story is linked to his recent trip to Jerusalem. Finally, after a breathtaking ride to Israel he returns back to Italy.

Will Marco succeed in averting the bloody design of the kidnappers, and above all, in saving Alice?

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