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Time Lost by Peter C. Foster

free fast-paced mysteryHe hasn’t seen her in over forty years, not since she dumped him and married his nemesis. Now she’s asking for his help to find the man who murdered her daughter. He loved her then; despite everything, he loves her still. Against his better judgement, he is drawn into the homicide investigation.

At the same time, he must deal with the ghosts of the past, and the events which bound them together and tore them apart in the days which followed the Summer of Love.

TIME LOST is a fast-paced mystery and a love story. It is also a look back at the Sixties and the passions of a generation searching for truth and justice amid the turmoil of racism and war.

About the author of this free fast-paced mystery, Peter C Foster:

free fast-paced mystery

Born in England, raised in Montreal, and educated at McGill University, Peter C. Foster is a child of the sixties. After travelling all over the continent and dabbling in political activism and journalism, he went on to earn his living in the Montreal taxi industry, where he has worked in every capacity from driver to dispatcher to general manager. He is currently employed part-time as an instructor at the Montreal Taxi School

He is the author of three published novels: Time Lost, Last Call at the Ringrose Pub, and Flash Drive. His work has been described as riveting and carefully crafted. It is infused with the exotic atmosphere of bilingual Montreal and informed by the hard-scrabble world of the taxi industry, where life is never easy, and dollars are earned one nickel and dime at a time. His stories are filled with compelling eclectic characters who reflect these influences and bring them to life on every page.

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