Free eBook August 17 – 20

Free eBooks August 17 – 20

30 Best Essential Oil Recipes for Diffusers: The ultimate recipes to defuse the healing properties of aromatic essential oils into the air around you (Essential Oil Recipes For Your Life)

by Daisy Williams

Essential Oil Recipes for Diffusers

Here Is Why You Should Be Using a Diffuser

  • Using Natural Oils instead of store bought fragrances is Healthier
  • Diffuse while you travel by using a napkin or tissue
  • Diffusing is a great way to get a cooking smell out of a kitchen
  • Your stress levels will go down when you smell a refreshing scentThis book is one of many books in a series of Essential Oil Recipe Books.

Download your copy today!



40 Dump Cake Recipes: The Best Dump Cakes of 2014: Quick, Easy & Delicious Dump Cake Recipes You Will Love! (Dump Cake Cookbooks) by Eleanor Lakeport

Looking for Amazing Dump Cake Recipes?

Why You Need to Try Baking a Dump Cake Today

Do you have a work party or potluck tomorrow and don’t know how to bake?
Then this recipe book is for you. These are some of the best dump cakes of 2014.

  • Cost Effective Ingredients
  • Kids can make it!
  • Simple and Tasty!

Download your copy today!


The Ultimate Oil Pulling Handbook -Get Started Oil Pulling Now: The Oil Pulling Therapy Miracle. Oil Pulling for Beginners to Help detox their mouth, teeth … Beginners (Essential Oils For Your Life 5) by Byron Wallace

Read the book and judge for yourself. We think it’s awesome!

Are you worried about your gums and teeth? Spending a fortune on expensive whitening strips and dentist appointments? Have yellow teeth and can’t get a date? Then practicing Oil Pulling is for you!

Oil Therapy Benefits:

– It cleanses the teeth and removes the stains and food lodged between them, resulting in whiter teeth
– It takes away the bad breath and is recommended to people suffering from halitosis
– It provides protection against cavities
– It provides protection against gingivitis
– It strengthens the gums
– By strengthening the gums, it also strengthens loose teeth
– It alleviates and cures headaches and migraines
– It promotes quality sleep and may help in reducing insomnia
– It also treats sinus congestion









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