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The Feral Sentence has one hundred and forty one reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5 stars. This is the first season, episodes 1 – 4 of a three book series.

The Feral Sentence (Season One) by G. C. Julien

Feral SentenceThe first season (episodes 1 – 4) of award-winning YA dystopian serial, The Feral Sentence.

The year is 2087 and the federal government is no longer sending murderers to prison. Instead, convicted felons are being stripped of their belongings and dropped into the waters of Kormace Island—the Island of Killers—to fend for themselves.

Lydia Brone, an eighteen-year-old girl who is convicted of murder for having accidentally killed her mother’s abusive boyfriend, finds herself being transported by helicopter to this mysterious island. She knows that her sentence will be difficult, but what awaits her is far more terrifying than anything she could have ever imagined.

About the author of The Feral Sentence, G. C. Julien:

Feral SentenceG. C. Julien is an award-winning author of gritty, young adult fiction and dark dystopian stories driven by strong female characters. One of her most cherished works, The Feral Sentence, has captured the hearts of thousands of readers.

When she is not having animated discussions with the characters in her head, G. C. Julien can be found gaming, playing acoustic guitar, or painting characters from comics, movies, or video-games to be given to family and friends.

Reviews of The Feral Sentence on Amazon:

The Feral Sentence is another entry into the getting a bit saturated, society has had enough of paying for prisons so has decided to sentence prisoners to time on an isolated island where they must fend for themselves genre. In theory their supposed to be picked up after doing their time, but you know they won’t be.

The Feral Sentence by G.C. Julien. The quick paced, YA Dystopian novella was immediately captivating. In the year 2087, the corrupt government has solved prison over population by banishing criminal to islands. “

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