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Scorpio Sons 4: Chase: (SF/Shifter Romance) — Nhys Glover

You can’t escape your destiny, even if you want to. And Chase Scanlan has wanted to all his life. Even so, he follows his destiny and becomes the leader of the Scorpio Sons, making duty and the responsibility for saving the world his only priorities. Until fate steps in again, presenting him this time with a mate he doesn’t want. Not because she isn’t beautiful or smart enough, or doesn’t stir his blood, because she does all that and more. But because she is too young and damaged, and he has no desire to destroy yet another person who loves him.

However, Anna isn’t so easily destroyed. She proved that when she survived the horrendous life of a child sex-slave in Russia. When the leader of the genetically engineered warriors claims her, she again finds herself a prisoner, but this time captivity is far sweeter. As love between the two reluctant mates grows, so does her willingness to be a part of his world. Especially when her past offers the Sons a pathway to her enemy’s greatest secret.



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