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This month’s Featured Author is Bobby Hutchinson


featured author Bobby Hutchinson


Our featured author, Bobby Hutchinson, was born in a coal mining town in the Canadian Rockies, and she grew up reading and listening to her mom and dad tell outrageous stories. She wrote her first novel, Sheltering Bridges, at the age of 45, and it took her a year because she didn’t know how to type, or how to write romance, either.

She learned, however, and that first book sold to Harlequin Superromance. Drunk with instant success, she immediately (well, over a period of many years) wrote and sold 50 more romances while marrying and divorcing several times.

Single now, she lives in her hometown of Sparwood, B.C. She’s a foster-grandmother to two spoiled rabbits, and when she’s not chasing them around the neighborhood, she writes and publishes romances, children’s books and the odd (very odd) memoir.


HOW NOT TO RUN A B&Bfeatured author Bobby Hutchinson is the poignant and funny story of how she started her first B&B, with no experience whatsoever, hindered by a mass of complications in the form of eccentric neighbors, friends and guests. The book contains recipes that work, advice that is sometimes successful, and stories that weren’t meant to be amusing, but seem to make readers laugh a lot.




featured author Bobby HutchinsonHer latest romance is ISLAND SUNRISE, a romance set in Hawaii. The heroine, Charlie Cossini, is based on a fascinating carpenter Bobby knew in Vancouver–the first woman carpenter she’d ever met.

She’s currently revising and uploading her romances to Amazon’s Kindle. She has the rights back to 32, and she’s writing more. (Hi, my name is Bobby, and I’m addicted to writing!) Watch for them on Kindles romance page.


Bobby loves to hear from readers, and can be found at http://www.bobbyhutchinson.com, or by email at bobbyhut@telus.net

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