Ezekiel Azazel’s Book 1 is Free Today!

Ezekiel Azazel is offering Book 1 of his Voodoo Souls series free for a limited time.

VooDoo Souls by Ezekiel Azazel II

Ezekiel Azazel IIThe story of VooDoo Souls was crafted from very real and horrible nightmares and is set during a very dark period of time in our nation’s history; the post Jim Crow days, in 1968 Macon Georgia. On the outskirts of this tolerant city an aging group of motorcycle riders called the VooDoo Souls finds trouble when a cursed amulet buried by a slave is unearthed.

Feuds become rekindled between old foes when an up and coming club called the Confederate Buzzards encroach upon the secrets buried within the dilapidated plantation and home to the VooDoo Souls.

With inspiration from King and Poe, Ezekiel Azazel respectfully presents his debut novel, VooDoo Souls.

About the author, Ezekiel Azazel II:

Ezekiel Azazel IIEzekiel Azazel is a war veteran who has travelled to the supposed land of origin to the Necronomicon, and has seen the shifting sands, and beautiful skies of Mesopotamia. It was also there where he spent many starry nights on radio watch reading Lovecraft, Koontz, and Poe which his work is influenced by. He is now recluse, and lives with his fiancé, and four legged family. His favorite pastimes besides writing is assisting fellow veterans, cooking, and spending time with his pets.

The author has spent countless hours in research, and enjoys writing the stories as much as he does in re-reading, and discussing them with friends. It’s with great pleasure and respect, that VooDoo Souls is presented for all to enjoy.

Visit his website: http://www.voodoosoulsbook.com/

Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ezekielazazel2


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