Exercise Methods for Every Day

Learn a broad range of exercise methods for all ages and physical conditions.

Furthermore, there is no requirement to buy expensive gym memberships.

This book will help you:
•Understand a broad range of exercise methods for all ages and physical conditions
•Find the right exercise methods for you
•Achieve better flexibility
•Include exercise in your everyday life
•Find a right diet for you
•Inspire physically unfit family members to exercise

Finally, exercise can be fun. Learn to choose the right exercises and create a healthy, resilient body!

More About Dan Vale and His Exercise Methods:

In this book, I have used my experience and expertise to forecast future conditions that will require citizens to be in better physical shape than most citizens are now. I show readers how to get into better physical shape and motivate them to do so.
One example of possible future conditions is the current COVID-19 Pandemic. With gyms closed, home workouts are a great way to lessen stress, improve sleep, and strengthen immune systems.
Regarding my qualifications for this prepper fitness book, I have a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education, and I have had a lifelong interest in physical fitness. I won the Mr. Delaware Bodybuilding Contest in 1968 and earned my karate Black Belt in 1973. Furthermore, over a seven year period, I wrote 785 of articles for the Examiner Online Newspaper. Most of these articles were written in my capacity as the Baltimore Prepper Examiner.  Finally, I also am one of the  Circle of Masters (pressureddeerpro.com/) with an emphasis on physical fitness

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