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There is a growing movement of folks who are sick and tired of erotica and are hungry for a romantic love story with something more to the plot, more meat on the bones, and less time in bed, so to speak. If you care to try that genre, you will love the McBride Romance novels by Dorothy May Mercer.

Mary Beth and Sammy: Rolling Thunder (McBride Romance + Suspense Book 3) by Dorothy May Mercer

Dorothy May MercerA complete story in one book. We first met Mary Beth Baker and Sammy Monroe as devoted teenage sweethearts in the McBride Series. Now in college, their relationship is threatened by serious problems. Will Sam be able to dig out of his financial hole before the short term loan sharks break every bone in his body? Will Mary Beth’s sorority sister return unharmed from her ill-fated liaison? What happens when the elder Monroes learn the truth about their son’s poor choices?



About the author, Dorothy May Mercer:

Dorothy May MercerAll 23 books of Dorothy May Mercer’s helpful “How to for You” series have been rewritten and updated to reflect Amazon’s recent closing of CreateSpace and the move to Kindle Direct Publishing. Consequently readers can rely on the latest in step by step, easy-to-follow, clear and concise instructions. For example her booklet, “How to Create a Kindle Cover” uses the Kindle Cover Creator to make professional looking covers at no cost. The sequel, “How to Install an eBook Cover on a Paper Book” and Vice Versa has been edited to reflect the special tricks that are unique to that process.
Amazon’s decision to discontinue and merge all the paper book publishing into Kindle Direct Publishing has caused Dorothy May a tremendous amount of work. Mercer Publications had more than 80 books published with Createspace. While the Kindle people tried to make it as seamless as possible, it was still necessary to go through the online details on each novel and travel book, and completely rewrite all 23 of the “How to For You” series
Our latest thriller, E M P Honeymoon concerns Kelly and Tom, a newlywed couple, on their honeymoon who stumble into a diabolical group of terrorists plotting to wipe out the US and Canada using an Electro Magnetic Pulse. This novel is available in ebook and print. Watch for it in Audible soon.

Also, Mercer Publications just finished publishing the 12th novel by Dorothy May Mercer, “Nate, the Search,” a hot new thriller about a Federal Air Marshal who goes about thwarting terrorists, at the same time he has never given up on finding his long-lost daughter who was kidnapped out of the hospital nursery 20 years ago. We get a glimpse into her life as well as a bit of romance. “Nate, the Search” is in three formats, Kindle, Print & Audible, dramatically recorded by the actor Scott Ellis.

For the past couple of years, we have been working with Audible producers to record all of our novels, in both English and Spanish versions. We have worked with some great actor/producers. This hot new genre makes welcome gifts, great for people who drive a lot, for walkers and others. You can give an Audible book, a yearly membership in Audible, or Audible Romances, and/or earphones and a Bluetooth device.

When purchasing a print book or ebook, do not overlook the Audible version, sometimes listed in small print. Click on it and you will find a five minute free sample. Oftentimes you can buy it at a bargain price, when you purchase the two together.

The popular McBride Series novels could not be more relevant to today’s news. They deal with the hottest topics in the United States and internationally, such as porous borders, refugees, lone gunmen, gangs, illegal drugs, addiction, smuggling, immigration reform, kidnapping, human trafficking, selling of body parts, corrupt officials, terrorists, drones, space warfare, cyber warfare, abortion, family planning, surrogacy, assassination plots, spying, the latest new technologies and more–all written in entertaining storybook–action/mystery/suspense–form.

Each page-turner novel has intriguing twists and turns, with complete and surprise endings.

The lighter side includes romances, relationships, sexual preferences, families, interesting personalities, travel, play, recreation, humor, weddings, babies, puppies, and a lovable mother dog, who is also many talented as a sleuth, tracking and guard dog.

Prolific and best selling author Dorothy May Mercer lives in Michigan, U.S.A. with her husband. They commute between two lakefront homes. Her hobbies are writing, reading, playing the piano, helping others, traveling, skiing, boating, and golf. Her advancing years have necessitated retiring from mountain climbing and long treks in the Rocky Mountains, although she still enjoys gazing at them.

2015 was productive year. She set out to publish at least one book a month, and surpassed that goal with 16 books published under her own name and 5 books for others.

2014 was a busy year, as well for Dorothy May Mercer, with the publishing of 11 new books. Six new ebooks in the wildly popular “How to For You” series of booklets on specific subjects for independent authors and publishers, covering everything from How to Edit to How to Format Your Book. In 2015, Dorothy set out to bundle and publish those in paperback, for ease of reference.

We are very excited about her new series, “The McBride Romances.” Each one will explore what happened to the couples who were introduced in the original McBride Series of eight novels. The first McBride Romance is about “Fran and Max” the couple you met in “The Savage Surrogate.” This book with explore what happened to them and whether they ever got together. “Fran and Max the Bungalow,” is now on available in audible, ebook and paper versions. There is plenty of mystery and suspense in the novel, as well as a romance and satisfactory ending.

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