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Welcome to Halcyon: Dead Mawl #1 by S.G. Tasz

Dead Mawl Series Book 1The service industry can be a nightmare. But at Edensgate Shopping Center, the customers aren’t the only monsters to worry about.

Sixteen-year-old Cari Hembert expects an uneventful last day behind the register. The Suttermill Department Store has been dying a slow death for months–not surprising since the shopping center surrounding it is practically abandoned already. The only real challenge is keeping herself distracted from what she will do tomorrow when she is stuck in a dried-up mining town with no prospects and a mother who spends so much time at the bottom of a bottle Cari has considered forwarding her mail. Luckily, she has her best friend, movie theater employee and wannabe-anarchist Drexel “Rex” Ranganathan, to keep her spirits up with nachos and video games.

But when she and Rex find themselves accidentally locked in overnight, they discover a force invading this “dead mall” that is far more horrifying than the decline of brick-and mortar-retail. They’ve survived bad bosses and minimum wage. But will they survive the night shift?

Welcome to Halcyon is the first book in the Dead Mawl novella series, where saving the world from the forces of evil is all in a night’s work. For fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and Ash vs Evil Dead.

Cover art for the Dead Mawl series by Joseph Reedy.

About the Author of the Dead Mawl series, S.G. Tasz:

Author of the Dead Mawl series, S.G. TaszAfter considering careers in law, architecture, and psychic detective work, S.G. Tasz (hereafter known as I/me) became a writer so I would have an excuse to learn a little bit about everything. I’m a graduate of Lawrence University, a small college about half an hour south of Green Bay, Wisconsin (Go Pack Go) where I received honors for my dystopic fantasy collection Disparnasia: Short Stories from a Dismal Future.

After that, I spent several years breaking software and drafting user manuals by day while writing and producing short films by night, including two award-winning 48-Hour Film Projects and the 2013 web series Chic. Another round of post-graduate education and crushing debt later, I returned to writing fantasy fiction because it’s a lot easier to manage a pen and paper than a cast and crew (most of the time, anyway).

Welcome to Halcyon is the first book in the Dead Mawl novella series. Though my official residence is in Minneapolis, almost all of my fiction ends up taking place in and around my alternate hometown of Las Vegas. I don’t know exactly why I’m so drawn to the place, seeing as how I’m not much of gambler.

But then again, I did choose to be an author.

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