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The Jacobson Joy Inventory: A New Look at Measuring Depression by David Jacobson

David JacobsonThis guide makes a serious and compelling case for exploring different ways to measure depression and how a sense of humor can and should be used to enhancement treatments of mental illness. This unique guide not only includes invaluable measurement tools for exploring new ways to measure depression, it is seriously funny.



About the author, David Jacobson:

David JacobsonDavid Jacobson is a professional speaker, author, and Hospital Director. He is the former Chief of Social Work of the Phoenix VA where he assisted in improving their mental health system. He also is Director of Behavioral Health Case Management at University Medical Center and worked with the patients and families of trauma’s including the tragic shooting event in Tucson that happened January 8th, 2011 which resulted in a personal thank you from President Obama for his work with the shooting survivors and their families.

David Jacobson has served on the Board of Directors of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH) . In addition, he is a Board Certified Humor Professional. An honor bestowed through the Three-year Humor Academy of AATH. David has been featured internationally by various media outlets, including magazines, journals, and television from London to Seoul, Korea. He is the award-winning author of “7 ½ Habits To Help You Become More Humorous, Happier & Healthier.”

He is currently working on a new research project for improving depression measures with his Jacobson Joy Inventory and Positive Health Questionnaire which are currently going through the Institutional Review Board for approval to begin the research at the University of Arizona and Banner University Medical Center.

David Jacobson suffered many losses early in his life including the death of his father at age 8 and a diagnosis with a severe form of arthritis at 22 in 1980. Since then, he has become a living example that you can accomplish anything if you truly believe in yourself. Through his years of struggling with chronic pain, he developed humor techniques that got him through the hard times. He now teaches these skills to audiences around the country in his keynotes and workshops which as entertaining as they are educational.

His many honors include a “President’s Award” from Flashnet Marketing, Inc. , A Lifetime Achievement Award and a “National Hero Overcoming Arthritis” award by the Arthritis Foundation National Office for completing a 50-mile unicycle ride at a fundraising event and the Wayne Washburn Memorial Award which reads as follows “We all need someone or something to inspire us to bring out our best. You are that someone”

For the past fifteen years, David Jacobson has worked as a hospital administrator in addition to his writing, speaking and consulting career. He is currently the Director of Behavioral Health Case Management at Banner University Medical Center in Tucson.

Visit David Jacobson’s website: www.HumorHorizons.com


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