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Guru In The Glass by Curtis Tyrone Jones has twenty-three 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Guru In The Glass: A Mysterious Encounter While Dying To Live The Unlived Life by Curtis Tyrone Jones

Guru In The Glass by Curtis Tyrone JonesA magical tale about dreaming big and growing into the largeness of your dreams!

Ravaged by depression nearly his entire life, Skyler Deavensby quits his job, writes a suicide note to his family and makes the final decision to leap from a historical bridge nearby. On his way to the bridge, however, he experiences a series of unlucky and mysterious encounters that bring him face to face with previously undiscovered powers within himself. This is a magical tale that will split you open and invite the highest expression of yourself to emerge!

“A contemporary allegory, Guru In The Glass by Curtis Tyrone Jones promotes the power of positive thinking and commitment to using your gifts to do good in the world.”

Every so often a story comes along that awakens the human imagination and elevates it’s readers to the crown of their infinite nature. Guru is one of those stories!

Amazon review for Guru In The Glass by Curtis Tyrone Jones:

Modern-day Og Mandino



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