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The Curious Men is a collection of unusual short stories, sober, bizarre or cunningly funny, featuring men of different ages, stages and eras.

Curious Men: He-time Tales (Me-Time/He-time Book 2) by Rosalind Minett

Curious Men by Rosalind MinettSomething different!

The companion volume to Me-Time Tales: tea breaks for mature women and curious men.
“Entering Rosalind Minett’s fictional world is like taking a journey with an old and trusted friend. There’s an abundance of wit and a quiet lyricism in her writing which reveals itself in the clarity of her language. The right word in the right place seems never more appropriate. Minett’s fictional world mirrors reality but in a daring manner, mainly because she casts light on the quirks and foibles of what it is to be human, revealing hidden fantasies and desires. From the man whose passion is for probing the intimate parts of machines which suck and cut, to the secretive Sunday bonfire king right through to a character’s determination to discover the meaning of life before chairs. Minett’s accurate eye is like a searchlight, seeking out the darker shadings.” – Eileen Casey (Multi-award winning Irish author)

The curious men now have their say…or at least they try to, between invasive female comments.
A collection of unusual short stories, sober, bizarre or cunningly funny, featuring men of different ages and stages and eras. Each story reveals a differently curious man. Who doesn’t have curious habits, weaknesses, features, beliefs—even feelings? Men tend to keep these to themselves, or not to be aware of them. These stories delve into their secrets. One or two are bleak. More are blissfully weird.
The first man is passionate about the inanimate. The next takes his curiosity to the farthest geographic extremes. Brian can’t choke out essential news everyone is hanging on for. Sidney wends his desolate way towards a secret retribution.
If Hugh had kept his parts secret he might appeal more to women. The therapist has a serial secret-keeper on his hands.
These are some of the stories you’ll read in Curious Men but then the stories are invaded by the mature women! Men know how this feels.

About the author of Curious Men, Rosalind Minett:

Curious Men by Rosalind MinettRosalind Minett (writing name) trained as a dancer, but grew to love acting more. She gained a place at RADA, but academic life took over. If it hadn’t, she would have spent her life interpreting characters that scriptwriters had created instead of working with them for real, and later, creating them herself. She studied in Birmingham, Sussex and Exeter universities before enjoying a career as a chartered psychologist. In this job, she met and worked with a wealth of characters. However, she much prefers working from imagination and now she is retired, can concentrate on fictional people of all ages.

Not surprisingly, it is the inner life of her characters that determines their fate in her stories, whether humorous, crime or historical.

Her ironic avatar – Girl Before Word Processor – (with thanks to Picasso) suits her background and personality. Its two faces suggest her two selves, the serious and the irreverent. They also refer to the watcher and the seen, the inner and the outer person.

Rosalind writes in several genres and is likely to continue doing so. Download Curious Men while it’s free today on Amazon.

She lives in the South West of England and loves scenery, sculpture, theatre and fine art, all of which can be found in and around Bath.

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