conquered cancerAfter being diagnosed with e+ type breast cancer I decided not to have surgery and chemotherapy. The tumor was large 4.5 cm.

I came across the marvellous Essiac capsules for healing cancer and within 12 months was cancer free.  Two other people I know approached me after hearing about my cure. Their results are as miraculous as mine. A third person with melanoma in the eye which the hospital has refused to treat with an expensive drug is now commencing taking the tablets.

Successful stories are always the best.
Proceeds go towards promoting this miracle cure.

Meet Yvonne Crowe, author of I’ve Conquered Cancer Naturally and Painlessly

Yvonne CroweYvonne Crowe is a successful writer of controversial mystery/thriller novels which are published by Britain’s most successful Indie publishers, Endeavour Press.
Currently she is writing her 5th book in the Nicolina Fabiani Series, an Italian Pulitzer Prize Winner, who is ably assisted in her adventures by Edoardos Guilianini a Vatican priest, or David Baron a Professor of Ancient Languages at the American University in Beirut, who doubles as a secret agent for Mossad, Israel’s Intelligence Service.
Join them as they unravel secrets in Europe and the Middle East.
Yvonne lives in Auckland, New Zealand and loves to travel to other countries where she gleans many ideas for her novels.

Watch her website for updates.

Be sure to download her book, I’ve Conquered Cancer and Painlessly, while it’s free on Amazon and leave a review!


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