CO-PARENTING WITH A NARCISSIST: Guiding You Through the Maze of Raising Kids with a Manipulative Ex: Strategies for Emotional Resilience, Legal Insight, and Safeguarding Your Children’s Well-Being by Elizabeth Morgan

CO-PARENTING WITH A NARCISSIST is a thorough examination of narcissism, with a particular emphasis on its effects on relationships and parenting.
The author aims to provide a detailed explanation of narcissism as well as practical guidance for people dealing with narcissists, particularly in the difficult scenario of co-parenting.
The book seeks to provide coping tactics, effective communication tips, legal counsel, and emotional support to those afflicted by narcissistic relationships.
The book is divided into three major sections, each covering a distinct element of dealing with narcissistic people, particularly in the context of co-parenting.

Part I: An Introduction to Narcissism

This section begins with a detailed explanation of narcissism, as well as an outline of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). It addresses the basic characteristics of narcissism and identifies many types of NPD and their associated behaviors. It also looks at how narcissism affects health, particularly its prevalence and comorbidity, and proposes the concept of ‘narcissistic supply.’

Part II: Let’s start with practice.

This practical section discusses the difficulties of co-parenting with a narcissist. It discusses coping with the stress and anxiety of such relationships, managing children’s stress and anxiety, and practical strategies for starting co-parenting with a narcissist. This includes accepting reality, establishing boundaries, communicating effectively, and dealing with a narcissistic ex-partner. It provides advise on how to build structured communication, defend against abuse, and employ mediation techniques.

Part III: Key Resources

The book’s final section offers resources and help for redefining success in the context of a relationship with a narcissist. It examines the effects for children raised by narcissists, how to protect children in these situations, and the legal implications of co-parenting with a narcissist. It also provides advice on developing support systems and seeking expert aid.

Be sure to download CO-PARENTING WITH A NARCISSIST while it’s free on Amazon March 1st.


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