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Love In Cardwell: A Christmas Romance by Mark F. Geatches

A Christmas Romance by Mark F. GeatchesJust when Jason is settling into a new, self-imposed lifestyle that does not include romantic love or even the prospect of dating, a chance encounter on Main Street makes him question his solitude and willpower. Karen is a firebrand who has her sights on Jason for sexual conquest, while her best friend, Lucy, a girl-next-door sweetie, is interested in him for a meaningful relationship.

Download this Christmas romance while it’s free today on Amazon.

At first, Karen wins out and a relationship is born, but her mysterious silence about anything personal makes Jason worry she only cares about sex. Even while their tumultuous relationship develops, deep down Jason realizes that Lucy has always been the girl for him. In the end, and after a great deal of uncertainty, a series of unusual circumstances takes the decision completely out of Jason’s hands.

About the author of this Christmas Romance, Mark F Geatches:

author of this Christmas Romance, Mark F GeatchesMark began writing fiction in 2010. What began as an experiment quickly became a labor of love. Writing allows him an outlet for his unpredictable imagination, as well as an excuse to spend even more of his time listening to music. Mark finds music and writing the perfect mental connection; the nexus of focus and inspiration.

Mark’s website,, has links to his published short stories online.
He now has two published books:

Tamar & PJ: One Giant Adventure, a middle-grade fantasy
Love in Cardwell: A Christmas Romance

Coming soon, Mark’s two-part dystopian series, A Road To Redemption: America’s Second Revolution.

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