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I, Carlos by Casey Dorman

I, Carlos by Casey DormanI, Carlos is a thriller in which a revolutionary computer chip, containing the personality of Carlos the Jackal, the world’s most notorious assassin, is implanted into the protagonist’s brain. He then sets out to kill the President of the United States—not to mention anyone standing in the way of his ultimate quarry. It’s a page-turner that raises disturbing questions about the nature of consciousness, free will and the marriage of man and computer.

This is the 15th-anniversary issue of I, Carlos by Casey Dorman, slightly updated and containing an author’s preface to the new edition.

About the author, Casey Dorman:

Casey DormanCasey Dorman is a former university professor and dean, a psychologist, a literary review editor, an essayist, and the author of ten novels, including his new novel, The Oedipus Murders (Black Rose Writing, September 2019).

Casey’s novels borrow heavily from his clinical and research background as a psychologist and neuroscientist. His recent mystery, The Oedipus Murders explores the intricacies of a killer’s mind, while his upcoming Ezekiel’s Brain (NewLink Publishing, 2020) is a sci-fi novel on the cutting edge of research in neuroscience and artificial intelligence.
Casey Dorman has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Washington. He has published numerous research articles and a volume in the Johns Hopkins Series on Neuroscience and Psychiatry. In addition, he was editor and publisher of the literary quarterly, Lost Coast Review, for seven years. Casey Dorman’s sci-fi/mystery novel, I, Carlos has been optioned as a screenplay. He is a member of the Society of Philosophers in America and has published in their official journal.


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