Re-set Your Career Direction

careerAre you an experienced working woman who is beyond ready to go from doing what you “can do” to what you love to do? At mid-career it’s normal and healthy to want to change it up. It’s time to do what works for you, and the talent that got you to this point is plenty to move you forward again. At this time your options are actually greater than earlier in your career.

No matter what your current job offers, figuring out your next career moves NOW— without spending a lot of time, analysis or money, is important and freeing.

In this easy, conversational book you will get a step by step way to plan for meaning, prosperity and growth in all the remaining jobs of your career. You’ll see how to match your personality, natural talents and work preferences to new job options. You’ll learn from your past experience and read about other women who have broadened their options. Whether you like to reflect a little or a lot, you’ll still come out with a clear path to future success.

Be Confident and Set Your Own Path

By using this book, you’ll have the tools to plan the rest of your career. You will:

  • Look Back evaluate your past jobs for what matches you and what doesn’t
  • Discover new options for healthy work schedules, and energizing work
  • Match jobs with who you really are, your talents and what you love to do
  • Learn how to communicate with friends and loved ones to reassure them
  • Create a worklife plan that matches your life changes

Follow the advice in Powerful Choices for Mid-Career Women and you will feel excited, prepared and connected with what you really want to do next. In a matter of a few hours, you can re-set your career direction.

About the author: Phyllis Horner, PhD

Career author Phyllis HornerPhyllis Horner, PhD, is an organizational psychologist based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her specialty is career and executive coaching for productivity and career success. She works with both women and men to achieve their personal career goals.

Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, she was always fascinated by what people thought about their jobs. She worked her way through college and then moved to Motown where she earned a PhD from Wayne State University, studying the powerful role personal values plays in the satisfaction and intent to remain with an employer. She worked for Ford Motor Company for several years, helping design career, performance, and employee engagement systems.

After 10 icy winters, she moved to Honolulu and declared that she had “won the life lottery”. She’s got natural optimism and, her coaching clients say, a lot of insight and caring, in addition to the right amount of structure to help them keep moving forward.

She’s an expert in optimal work environments that make people and companies prosperous financially and otherwise. Phyllis holds many certifications for psychological assessments and techniques, including the Birkman Assessment, the MBTI, DiSC, Barrett Values Assessment, and others. She is a master trainer for The Change Cycle, has been an adjunct instructor at two universities, and has taught entrepreneurship for the Kaufman Foundation. She works in business settings, and has been both an employee and entrepreneur herself.


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