Can’t Get Enough Ep4 by Ranatta Philip

Can’t Get Enough Ep4: Journey of Love Romance & Drama short story by Ranatta Philip

As I started the computer and looked up, Ryan strolled by and glanced in my direction. Our eyes met, and my heart spoke to my brain. I melted, despite what was going on. I was attracted to him in ways I could not explain. He was accompanied by Mona, the HR Director, and they walked briskly to catch the elevator. I did my best not to stare but seeing this made me a little concerned. It’s so bizarre, that we had to behave like strangers at that moment. I sighed and secretly trusted that he would do the right thing.
My name is Sasha, or so I prefer to be called. I’m here to tell you the story about which rule got broken after I got so attached to a man and fell in love because I wore a little black dress. And yes, that damn love hormone, oxytocin, messed me up.

Download Can’t Get Enough Ep4 while it’s free on Amazon 8/31 – 9/4


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