Can’t Get Enough Ep3 by Ranatta Philip

Can’t Get Enough Ep3: Journey of Love Romance & Drama short story by Ranatta Philip

She stood before the chest of drawers removing her jewelry and saw the sweetest dark chocolate ass walk across the room. He was heading towards the shower. The slight reflection in the mirror didn’t do it proper justice. She suddenly got confused as he walked back to the closet, pacing slowly towards her with a black and gold box in his hand embellished with an overflow of curly ribbon. Within moments, she felt his breath rushing down her neck and she quivered with delight. “I got you a little something,” he whispered, nibbling lightly and blowing inside her ear. “Did you really?” She said softly, weakened by his caress.

“Put this on for me tonight; I’ll see you after I shower.”

Kissing her neck, he left her standing there with the gift in her hand. Smiling, she opened the box to reveal the contents. He was always filled with surprises.

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