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Caleb Erickson desires to provide important tools to help others succeed and find greater happiness and excitement in their life as he has found in his!

Were All Salesmen: Learn How To Get More Of The Things That You Want Out Of Life by Caleb Erickson

caleb ericksonHave you ever wanted to move up the corporate ladder, make a better income, or simply be able to persuade more people to your point of view for a change?

Have you ever had a light bulb go off inside your head with the perfect idea for a new business, innovative product, or way to improve the workplace?

Have you ever shared your ideas with others only to get rejected? Then before you know it one rejection after another and you’re throwing in the towel on a perfectly good idea.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have people say yes to you? Wouldn’t it be nice to hear people say “now that’s a million dollar idea”?

In this game changing book, Caleb Erickson brings to light a hidden truth about us all. That truth is that we are all salesmen. It doesn’t matter what occupation we are in or where we come from. We all depend on sales to survive in this world.

The truth is, the better you are at sales the more successful you will be in life. It’s that simple!

In this book you will learn

— How we have been using sales since we were children

— Why the most successful people are those that know how to sell

— Easy to use sales strategies that will launch you into success

— How to redefine the term success, so you can stop failing and start achieving

It doesn’t matter what level of success you have achieved in life. We’re All Salesmen is going to help you to take that success to a higher level. You will love this paradigm shifting book, and you will begin to see life in a whole different way!

About the author, Caleb Erickson:

Caleb EricksonCaleb Erickson started his professional career as a massage therapist. He worked in many different locations and places and met many different people from all over the world. Working on many runners, bikers, Ironman athletes, and Olympic athletes. He spent 10 years of his life as a massage therapist helping people to feel and be their best. He loved every minute of it. After 10 years he decided it was time for a career change. He felt that sales needed to be his next adventure, and he has now been in the professional field of sales for over 4 years.

Caleb is married and has 3 beautiful healthy children which he spends most of his free time with laughing and playing.

His passion in life has always been to serve and help others in any capacity he can. His desire is to provide important tools to help others succeed and find greater happiness and excitement in their life as he has found in his!

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