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Giving Away My Bride: Kim Honeymoons With Another by Buck Hammer

Giving Away My Bride by Buck HammerKim and Kevin were happily married, but needed something to spice up their marriage.

When Kim agreed to test the waters of her husband’s hotwife fantasies, she never expected to love it so much, and love cuckolding him with new men so much.

And Kevin never expected to feel the sweet pain of giving her away to his boss, who had plans to give her a honeymoon baby. Will Kim commit the ultimate act of cuckoldry?


About the author, Buck Hammer:

Giving Away My Bride by Buck HammerBuck loves to share his sexy stories of cuckold couples, swinging and occasional swings the ‘other way’. Many of Buck’s stories are based upon adventures with his occasionally-wild wife and the couples they’ve encountered.

Buck likes his stories to contain the feelings, emotions and dynamics of wife-watching, cheating, swinging and bi-curious couplings, not just the mechanics of who-does-what-to-whom, although there are plenty of couplings included.

Please be sure to provide feedback and reviews on his work – your enjoyment fuels his energy to put his dirty imagination and memories into stories.

Excerpt from Giving Away My Bride by Buck Hammer:

My wife Kim and I had been married nearly 7 years, and while our sex life was good, it didn’t seem to have the spark that we once had. It’s not that we had lost attraction to each other – Kim was still very young, at 27, and as pretty as ever. She stands 5’5″, and has perky C-cup breasts. Her short haircut shows off her beautiful face, and makes her look even younger.

I was still fairly fit and good-looking, and had recently been promoted in my company, with an office right next to the president, my new boss. Life was pretty good for us, and we had fun as a couple, but the fire in the bedroom ad died down quite a bit. I don’t think it had to do with Kim not being satisfied, I was lucky enough to have a ‘porn-star cock’ as Kim kiddingly referred to it.

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