Are you planning a book launch?

You should have this step-by-step book launch plan next to you when you publish your own book. It’s on sale for a limited time for only $0.99!

Mimi’s Book Launch Plan: How to launch your ebook easy-peasy, with diary notes of 31-day count-down and to-do overview by Mimi Emmanuel

book launchMimi’s Book Launch Plan gives a step-by step outline of what she did when launching her first book, ‘My Story of Survival.’ Mimi’s notes will give you a simple easy to follow plan that works, saving you the stress of learning the hard way. Her plan includes the goodies below plus a downloadable bonus promo sheet.
1. Mimi’s diary notes of 31-day count-down
2. To-do overview
3. 31 Useful tips
4. 31 Fun tips
5. FAQ
Bonus: Mimi’s promo sheet

There were major hiccups during launch where Mimi was not able to access the internet and yet her launch was hugely successful. Within days of its launch, My Story of Survival ranked #1 in seven categories with a bestselling banner received under Christian books Self-Help.


Mimi is convinced that her book did so well thanks to the support she received from all her writing class mates and buddies and the self-publishing school she is studying with and she promised to share all her insights and links and tips with them.
You can now benefit from the insights she gained and if you plan to publish your own book Indie style you’ll be hard pressed to find a guide more comprehensive than hers, unless you were to buy John Kremer’s 700 pages ‘1001 Ways to Market Your Books.’

There’s no way that Mimi’s Book Launch Plan covers everything that John’s book does but her Plan is an easy guide to have next to you when you publish your own book to get the job done easy-peasy.
Mimi’s Book Launch Plan contains 156 pages but when you combine the to-do overview and the useful and fun tips and the FAQ you’ll end up with a comprehensive 30 odd page summary which will give you all the info necessary to successfully publish your book.

About the author, Mimi Emmanuel:

Book Launch Plan by Mimi EmmanuelI’ve been involved in the medical industry for more than two decades, in a variety of ways. After this I turned to freelance writing and have written on topics ranging from health to how-to publish on Kindle.

In 2015 I became a bestselling author with ‘My Story of Survival,’ which aims to help, inspire and give courage to people who experience serious health issues.

In 2016 ‘Mimi’s Book Launch Plan’ was published as a thank you to my launch team and to help support entrepreneurs, fellow writers, self-publishers and Indie authors.

I write for fun and in 2015 also contributed to the anthologies ‘Glimpses of Light’ and ‘Like a Girl’ to raise funds for the blind and education for women and children.

The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in my genes. My parents managed a beach kiosk and together with my daughters, I now own a gift shop; Mimi’s Original Scripture & Inspirational Card House at



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