Best Laid Plans by Meg Fitz

Best Laid Plans: Opposite Attract New Adult Contemporary Romance (The Plans Series: Book 1) by Meg Fitz

Kinsley has a list that she lives by. Don’t plan your future around a boy, don’t fall in love and hook ups should be fun. She’s too busy to be distracted. But everything is about to be derailed when she is partnered with Davin, a broody artist who she can’t stay away from. Davin is just trying to make it through the day without a breakdown, he has a masterpiece to finish and a father he wants to avoid. A relationship isn’t what he needs or wants. But then he meets Kinsley, the only person in school who doesn’t know about his tragic history.

Follow along with Kinsley and Davin as they fall in love for the first time. How many rules can Kinsley bend before it breaks her completely?

This is a NEW ADULT book that takes place in the senior year of high school.

Download Best Laid Plans by Meg Fitz now while it’s free on Amazon.


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