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beacon by P.S. MarauxEmily Wren has found her soul mate, or has she? Reeling from the betrayal of his treacherous mentor, the super immortal who watches over her hatches a devious yet daring plan of his own in the domain between reality and the tangible. He’ll give her the soul mate she’s supposed to have. But can it work? Can the Paragon and his Luminary companion really un-mate a living soul? When his scheme goes horribly awry due unforeseen complications, Emily is left with an impossible choice that no one saw coming. Read Beacon, the second book in the Luminary Saga by P.S. Meraux.



Meet P.S. Meraux, author of Beacon:

P.S. MerauxP.S. Meraux’s writing recipe:

Take a 1/4 cup of Stephenie Meyer,
2 tablespoons of Cassandra Clare,
1 teaspoon of Anne McCaffrey,
A pinch of Stephen King,
1 good dollop of creativity,
Add to a pot full of imagination, mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon and simmer.

In addition to writing, I’m an avid chef, mountain climber & hiker who keeps up with an assortment of pets. As a life-long globe trotter, I can tell you that I like nothing better than a good story. I hope you enjoy this one.

Please let me know what works and what doesn’t. I’m always interested in hearing feedback, reviews, comments, and questions are most welcome. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. Happy reading.


4 Reviews on Amazon with a 4.8 Rating

Loved this follow-up to Luminary By TFLReader TOP 500 REVIEWER on September 8, 2015

I became enchanted with this story and with author P.S. Meraux’s writing with the first book in this series, “Luminary”. This is a great story about what happens when soul mates meet and Emily’s circumstances as the people that she was “destined” for are gone. In this second book, “Beacon”, Emily is given a second chance at this glorious pairing only to find that there are some nearly impossible choices involved. Another great read from Meraux that I found absolutely captivating and I am quite anxious to find out who Emily does end up with. So glad that the 3rd book in this series is out.

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