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Download book 2 of the Nightie series by Barbra Campbell while it’s free today!

Lachlan and Gypsy (Tales of the Nightie Book 2) by Barbra Campbell

Barbra CampbellA super steamy novella that gives a glimpse into the lives of Lachlan and Gypsy: An opposites attract novella.

Lachlan is a successful doctor up for promotion. After getting dumped by his long-term girlfriend, he focuses on the one thing he can control…his career.

Download this romance story by Barbra Campbell while it’s free today!

Gyspy’s a free-spirited photographer who moves every couple years to keep life exciting. When she sees Lachlan cuddling a sick puppy at the vet, she immediately falls in love with both of them. She tries to get close to him by volunteering to take photos of his bagpipe band, and Lachlan fights his illogical attraction to her. He doesn’t need his heart ripped out again, but next thing he knows, she’s learning to play the drums and securing a position in his life, at least until she moves again.

The tension between Gypsy and Lachlan escalates until their friends trick them into an evening alone together. Good thing she’s wearing her lucky green underwear, because she needs all the help she can get with this broody, kilt-wearing Scot.

About the author, Barbra Campbell:
Barbra Campbell2018 Golden Heart Finalist
2018 Sexy Scribbles Finalist

Barbra Campbell writes steamy, contemporary romance as an escape from the regular world. In her stories she loves to create everyday characters who suddenly find themselves as heroes and heroines of romance novels, even though they don’t know it.
Barbra tried writing closed door romance, but realized her characters continued to learn about themselves and reveal tidbits to each other once the door closed. It didn’t seem right to keep those moments from the reader, so she invites you in to enjoy the full show!

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