Baby Dragon’s Big Sneeze by Sheryl Bass

Baby Dragon’s Big Sneeze: A Picture Book About Empathy and Trust for Children Age 3-7 by Sheryl Bass

When a young dragon accidentally burns down a village with a fiery sneeze, the townspeople are angry. The dragon fears for his safety-until a brave little girl enters his cave and learns that the poor dragon is sick. With brilliant, eye-catching illustrations, Baby Dragon’s Big Sneeze teaches children ages 3-7 lessons about forgiveness, teamwork and friendship.

Author, Sheryl Bass holds a master’s degree in Social Work and has studied child development. She uses these insights to inform her picture book writing. Sheryl also holds a master’s degree in Journalism and is currently working in public relations. Bass resides just outside of Chicago, IL with her husband and two terriers.

Bass’ publishing company, Be-Kind Publishing was inspired by the saying, “It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.” As we grow up, a societal emphasis is sometimes placed on wealth and power, but kindness is what can truly make the world a better place. Be-Kind Publishing is an independent micro-publisher of children’s books. Founded in 2022, the goal is to produce colorful, thought-provoking stories for children and their families to read and discuss. Be-Kind Publishing strives to develop products that offer social emotional learning (SEL) or pro-social, aspirational messages. Be-Kind Publishing offers their books in multiple formats: digital e-books, paperbacks, and hardcover. They hope to create stories that parents and teachers will be proud to include on a child’s shelf, a bookstore and in a library.

Baby Dragon’s Big Sneeze is free on Amazon December 21-22.


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