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This is a collection of ancient Irish myths and legends by Ayn Cates Sullivan, some dating back 8,000 years or longer. Each chapter is followed with a “Healing With the Goddess” section with practices, visualizations and blessings to help you get in touch with your own soulful qualities.

Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses by Ayn Cates Sullivan

Ayn Cates SullivanThe Mother Goddess Danu introduces several of her daughters including Aine, a Solar Goddess who reminds us of our intelligence and the ways in which we shine. We encounter Ceasair, the granddaughter of Noah who was not allowed to board the Ark, so built her own ship and set sail to Ireland with her horses and fifty friends.

In folklore it is Ceasair who initiates the strong Goddess traditions of Ireland. Scatach initiates the hero Cuchulain into the ways of the true warrior, and Emer welcomes the same hero as her husband. The poet Aengus Og sees Caer Ibormeith in a dream and falls in love.

Finally the maiden Brighid decides to go on a pilgrimage to find the Cailleach, the most ancient Goddess of them all. There are four Appendices, including a Goddess Timeline and Thealogy called “Her-Story” that lists the Goddess traditions from pre-history to present time. There is also a Glossary and extensive Bibliography for those who wish to learn more about the Goddess traditions.


About the author, Ayn Cates Sullivan:

Ayn Cates SullivanAyn Cates Sullivan, MA, MFA, Ph.D. is an inspirational author and teacher. She holds a master’s degree in spiritual psychology from USM, and a masters and doctorate in literature from Columbia University and King’s College London. Ayn writes stories for all ages designed to uplift and inspire. Well known for her children’s Sparkle series, she is currently branching out to a new audience and is writing stories for adults featuring Celtic goddesses and heroines. Ayn currently lives in Ojai, California. Varied educational experiences coupled by life lead her into the study and practice of what makes one whole


What readers are saying about Ayn Cates Sullivan’s book:

Absolutely splendid and magical
Ayn Cates Sullivan has done it again. I like to play and receive the blessings of the world of colors. I also enjoyed the visualization, practice and blessings offered in each chapter… to go deeper in the integration of the Goddesses aspects within me.

Reading this book, I was spellbound and transported to a timeless time….
Ayn Cates Sullivan certainly wove a beautiful and rich tapestry of the divine feminine. As I read the pages of this spiritual journey, the Goddess’ light began to shine bright inside me as well.

A Wonderful Book ~ Rich ~ Inspiring
I found Ayn Cates Sullivan’s information and writing style to be excellent, clear and imaginative. I enjoyed her meditations which left me with a sense of a completing a meaningful journey.


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