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Alice’s Notes by Arsenii Zanishe has four reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.5 stars. It is free for two days; August 18 and August 19th.

Alice’s Notes by Arsenii Zanishe

Arsenii ZanisheThis is the story about a girl who lost both her legs in early childhood due to a tragedy. Despite this and other challenges in her life, not only does her spirit remain unbroken, but she also stubbornly moves towards her goals. The human feelings inherent in healthy people are not alien to her. And love is no exception. She secretly falls in love with a young man, but with pain in her heart, she convinces herself that she cannot count on his reciprocity. However, not everything is as simple as she thinks.

About the author, Arsenii Zanishe:

Fiction literature has been my hobby, and I have been enjoying not only reading, but also writing stories. I was writing for myself, for fun, and, interestingly, I liked to read my own stories, and never got tired reading them again and again. One day I thought why not I share my stories with others – this is how the idea was born to publish a book. My first book is “Alice’s Notes”; I believe you will find it exciting the same way I do. However, you, readers, are real judges, if I see you did like I will continue sharing my stories with you.
Here’s what reviewers are saying about this fiction by Arsenii Zanishe:
The authenticity and attention to detail are what held me throughout the impressive story. The author has developed an absorbing story with a beginning as sweet as the ending.
Alice is a relatable heroine whose intellect, curiosity and maturity allow her to thrive despite what she has experienced.
The author creates a picture of relationships that evolve over time and take unexpected turns. A great inspiration of hope!

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