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What the Ocean Divides by Alan McKean

Alan McKeanThe Ocean and the world divide during WWII and the world’s freedom is in jeopardy; hope for victory and success depends on courageous men and women willing to risk all.

Lt. Ian Hunter is wounded by a bullet from a Lugar pistol and ends up in the hospital. The Germans are desperate to know the exact date of the Allied invasion, so they can defeat the American and British forces. It’s up to Ian to stop them from finding out.

Thankfully he is not alone. Amidst tank battles, bombers ruling the skies, and U-Boat and E-Boat attacks, it seems Ian does not have enough conflict – might as well toss in a Texas ranch girl out to steal his heart.

About the author, Alan McKean:

Alan McKeanBorn in Glasgow Scotland in 1950, Alan McKean has had many jobs.  He’s been a minister for 35 years and just retired to Dunoon.  He loves history and the idea of time travel. He thinks it’s nice to get out of day to day life with a big splash of adventure.

‘The Scent of Time’ and the follow up the ‘Scent of Home’ gave Drew Faulkner and us, the chance to time travel. Time Travel is not for the faint hearted but someone has to stop others trying to change history for their own ends.
Drew is also in love with two different girls – the action filled Meryl & the beautiful Lucy. Time will never be the same again after you have read these stories.

The third Book “The Scent of Eternity” by Alan McKean was published in 2014 by Black Rose Writing Texas. Drew tries to save Queen Victoria’s life as well as rescuing one of the Vanguard team from the Roman arena. He has his heart broken but at last comes face to face with his enemy on the walls of a castle. Who walks and who falls? Is love round the corner or at a piano? Read part three-What else could go wrong for Drew? There is a wedding but who is the girl?

The Scent of Freedom is the concluding book in the series by Alan McKean, where Drew and some others end up in Waterloo in 1815 and then try to stop a bomber with an H-Bomb from taking off to for London.

Fire from the Eagles eyes is a Young adult book on Kindle only. It’s set in 6th century Byzantium, where some of the time travel team try to dodge Vikings after finding a new way getting back in time – but the bad guy follows them. He thinks he is God doing research about WW2 NAVAL officer who ….well wait and see. Alan McKean is looking forward to being able to write full time either here or in US with his wife Stephanie who is an author in her own right.

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